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As the UK Government is rightfully hell – bent to achieve Net – Zero by 2050, what you, as individuals can do to help achieve its goal is to update your Home Heating Systems if you haven’t already done it. As almost 95 % of UK Homes have a Central Heating System, heating is a high contributor towards energy consumption. However, with Free Central Heating being provided to Households by the UK Govt, it was never easier to be more energy efficient.

Why do you need Central Heating Up gradation

Nowadays, the upgraded versions of boilers available in the market are more energy efficient, meaning they can help reduce your utility bills along with your carbon footprint. These space – saving, fully modulating products combine accurate burner control with high burner turndown. Plus, the ability to be controlled remotely makes it even more efficient. As your home’s Energy Performance Certificate ( EPC ) Rating improves, the value of your property improves along with it.

Where to find help with the Up gradation

Having helped over 10,000 homes nationwide to benefit from the ECO ( Energy Efficiency Obligation ) Scheme, JM Eco Installers Ltd. can expertly advise you on ways to make your home more energy efficient and possibly receive a free boiler grant ( if you qualify ). With a high quality Customer Service as our goal, we strive to provide great value to our customers. With a single click you can find out whether you qualify for the grant and then a simple process will have your home enhanced in no time.

What Grants are available at JM Eco Installers

Under the Government backed ECO4 Scheme, the following Grants are at your disposal for free –

– Ventilation Grants to help control the air flow;

– Cavity Wall Insulation Grants to help reduce heat loss through walls;

– Boiler Replacement Grants to help save around £300 per year on fuel bills;

– Smart Control Grants to potentially save up to £450 per year on energy bills;

– Internal Wall Insulation Grants to help with a drastic reduction in bills;

– Solar PV Grants to encourage the use of cleaner greener energy;

– Air Source Heat Pump Grants to provide sustainable energy source;

– Loft Insulation Grants to keep the heat produced at home trapped inside;

– First Time Central Heating Grants to help provide a warmer, more comfortable living situation to home owners.

Time is running out, find out if you qualify for these Government Grants and get yours today!

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