Essential Things You Need to Know for a Boiler Grant

Does your boiler get old? Seems costly to run and completely broken down. Perhaps unable to get the new one, so if you are struggling for the money to get it to repair or buy a new one. A free boiler grant could be the answer. But first, you need to qualify for the boiler schemes in Wolverhampton which is under the ECO, Energy Company obligation program a scheme designed to reduce fuel poverty and carbon emission. As a result, you will get cheaper bills by up to £315 a year if you replace the G-rated boiler and contribute to reducing carbon emission.

What is boiler grant?

In 2013, the government introduced an energy company’s obligation (often abbreviated as ECO) program. The scheme is designed to help the growing number of families on low wages who can’t afford to upgrade their old, inefficient, and defective central heating boiler. Helped increase income households sufficiently by improving insulation. After improving the insulation, the families got a lot of help, even their economic condition has improved a lot. Although the system provides grants, not loans, which means, you don’t have to repay the money. Approximately 2.5 million households are getting benefits from boiler subsidies, and your house could be one of them. So grab this opportunity and save your energy bills.

It is important to note that the ECO program does not necessarily provide subsidies to cover the full cost of a new boiler. In most cases, boiler subsidies will cover part of the cost and after that, you will have to cover any shortfalls. However, this thing should not prevent you from applying for a Boiler Grant. Still, it saves a considerable amount of money, and improving the efficiency of your home heating system, and can significantly reduce your annual heating costs.

Boiler grants are only available to those people who have their own house. And even if they are private tenants, then they should have their landlord permission, who receive certain benefits, and should meet the standard eligibility criteria which are very strict. Although if you are curious to know more about these you can also visit energy saving trusts grants.

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