CBC Talks – #Episode 2 | James Dempster

James Dempster is the Founder and Managing Director at the full service creative agency, Fox & Bear.

Fox&Bear is a rebrand of Cobb Digital and Spoken, bringing together expertise in digital marketing, public relations, strategy, design, branding and data insight.

They create fully realised brands and develop and execute integrated marketing strategies. In this truly inspiring, open and honest interview with an incredible business owner, James discusses the inspiration behind the name of Fox & Bear, his journey from being told by his RE teacher he would be in prison or dead by the time he was 25, to growing an agency of 3 to over 20 over the past few years, to being diagnosed with Aspergers as well as the ups and downs of the last 18 months. We finish with some great advice, be prepared to fail and don’t beat yourself up if you do, be resilient, resourceful and driven. Enjoy!

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