Little LifeSavers is a UK-wide charity offering free basic lifesaving skills to schoolchildren in Year 5 and 6 of Primary school, and Year 7 and 8 of Secondary school.

Our charity’s vision is to reach every child in Years 5 to 8 throughout the UK with these simple skills, so that they can take appropriate action should they ever need to, and not have to stand by unable to assist because they did not know what to do. It is our hope that a child in Year 5 would receive this training annually through to year 8. Repeat exposure to the skills helps embed them and increase confidence to use them if needed.But it is an enormous task.

There are approximately 3.7 million children in 28,000 schools within our targeted range, so we need a lot of volunteers and fundraising support. If each school had a small pool of volunteers that were willing to teach every two or three months between them, we would achieve our vision and create a nation of Little LifeSavers.Currently,

bystander CPR provision is only 30% and survival from Cardiac Arrest in the community stands at 10%. Early CPR from bystanders has been shown time and again to save lives. Volunteering with us equips you with the skills to assist immediately should you need to make a difference.

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