Antoinette is a former PE teacher, now entrepreneur who is passionate about seeing justice done in all areas of her life. Currently, she is in the process of radically transforming the cleaning industry to enable cleaning colleagues to be paid equitably, working rights and conditions to be more rigorously monitored, laws changed to enable ethical agencies to operate more ably, and clients’ homes and offices cleaned to a consistently high standard. In her spare time, she loves walking by the sea or sitting in her favourite chair watching the world go by.

When I started my cleaning business Just Helpers it was meant to be just a side hustle while I got on with my main job of building a grass roots anti human trafficking charity in London. I realised fairly soon after demand increased and I started to recruit women to help me with the increased load that for the workers in the cleaning industry, the system is severely broken. I saw first-hand the exploitation which migrant workers – particularly women – were experiencing in our cities. I wanted to offer an alternative – a cleaning business which paid fairly, offered decent working conditions and developed potential in its people.

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